About Daria Baricchi

Daria Baricchi (Shevelilova) was born on 30th May 1990 in Moscow, Russia. Since her childhood she was a very active young woman, she tried many different kind of sports such as tennis, skiing , snowboarding, waterski, surfing and many more. When she was 7 years old her mother enrolled her in different activity classes like painting, singing, piano, ballet and dancing classes, after a while dancing became the only passion Daria had. She started her career in Moscow in a local dance club doing both programs Standard and Latin and after a year she began competing in local, regional and national competitions.

Although the results were not immediately matching the commitment, she never gave up and at the age of 13 one famous Russian teacher saw her talent and hard work and offered a partnership with a national finalist in Junior. In this new partnership her career went uphill , competing in Junior and Youth she achieved high results not only at national level, but at international level too. Later her life brought her to Germany where she was invited to compete with a German national finalist and after a short period of dancing together the couple archived great results and became part of the German national team.

After a successful time in Germany, Daria returned to Russia where she partnered with an amateur Russian dancer and switched her attention from 10 dance into Ballroom/Standard style only. Daria remained dedicated to her self development and found an enormous success during her amateur career. With her partner, she became Russian National Amateur finalist , winner and finalist of many National and International competitions, placed in the top 25 in the World Ranking.

After 5 intense years of competing at a high level Daria decided to take a break from competitions and focus her attention on expanding her experience in a different sphere of business after she finished the State University of Management, Cinema and TV production.
After 1 successful and experience making year, Daria realized she misses the inspirational environment of dancing and she came back as a professional dancer. The break allowed Daria to mature further as a human being and this translated immediately in great success by becoming 3d at the National Professional Championship on her first competition as professional.

During the last 3 years of her professional dance career she archived such results as:

In 2016 Daria retired from the competitive career and continued her journey with her husband Luca Baricchi by traveling around the world sharing their joint knowledge and experience by lecturing and performing. Daria and her husband are owners of various dance studios in Asia and they are continuing developing Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art projects. Daria is an important part of the Baricchi Method development, as she has injected a youthful vision and inspiration to the project and with Luca they are continuing to experiment and research further understanding of the art of movement.