About the Institute

The Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art is created to nurture, inspire and empower human uniqueness and it is fully committed to awaken human beings to their full potential.

In 2010 Baricchi started to study instinctive perception. He researched and developed methods which led into his newest project which he  launched in spring 2017.

Baricchi believes in two types of educational approaches: programming and awakening. The programming education is an intellectual experience useful to understand the basic rules and regulations related to the chosen subject. The awakening education is a transition from intellectual to intelligent experience and it guides to realizations and consciousness of self. This approach accelerates the awakening of self awareness and therefor maximizes self potential.

The Dance department of the Institute believes in spreading the beautiful and emotional essence of dance. Sharing emotions with each other, expressing music and touching audiences intensively through the performance. To reach this goal, it is key for dancers to educate their mind, body and emotions in the best way possible. For this reason, we have developed a path for you to guide your journey. Dancers must make it their goal to become as fluid as water. “Only when I am able to move my entire body similarly to water will I be able to become the movement itself. Only when I become the movement will I one day achieve the highest aspiration of any dancer, namely to merge with the dance, to become one with the dance – in essence, to be the dance.”

Established by World Champion, Luca Baricchi, the Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art will serve to educate and awaken performers and instructors in this unique vision and method of education. Through the Lecture Series, International Courses and Personal Development Projects performers and instructors will progress through intensive training to achieve the various levels of Mastery and in turn go forth as a disciple of the Baricchi Method.

Baricchi offers his advanced knowledge for the first time on a global Internet platform, which allows members to access educational videos, receive related feedbacks on personal development and possibility of online lessons with the chosen Masters.