Online Learning

Our online learning center is an organized resource for all levels of dancer from newcomer to competitive professional. Learn exercises to improve your technique and awareness, then apply them in a practical setting.
Psychology of Movement

Develop awareness of the major centers of the body and learn principals of movement and rotation.


Learn various exercises to improve natural body alignment and posture.

Practical Application

Practical application of techniques to figures, body positioning, frame, and leg and foot actions.


Monthly workshops that extend the application of materials taught in the other categories.

Sample Lectures

Introduction - Baricchi Method

Balance Control Centers

Counter Rotation Application to Peripheries

Balance Control Centers Intro

Services & Events

Private Lessons

Book a private lesson with your favorite Institute Master Instructor.

Luca Baricchi
Daria Baricchi
Maria Hansen
Live Zoom Series

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    Teacher Certification

    We believe teachers have an enormous responsibility in guiding the evolution of students. At the Baricchi Institute we take teaching very serious as we understand the power and influence of the teacher, and we are pleased to share the knowledge and know-how with teachers interested in developing their abilities. Our Master Certifications guides teachers through the transition from dance teacher to Master of Movement and Art.